Drinking beer from the bottle should be prohibited. Why?

The neck is small and does not release the aromas properly, in addition to the fact that while it is consumed, the bottle heats up quickly, preventing the foam head, texture, brilliance and color from being appreciated.

The glass or glass in which the beer is served is as important as the beer itself, since it is made to exploit the unique qualities, flavors and properties of each of them. Did you know that each style of beer has its own glass?

Copa nonic


It is one of the most used glasses in English pubs to serve any type of British Ale, Porter or Stout. Its widening that stands out on the sides of the glass allows that when you grab it, the temperature of the hand is isolated.


It is used to drink many types of light beer such as lagers and Pilsners. Its slender shape favors crystal clear beers and allows head retention to maintain hop flavor and aroma.



It is a glass that was originally intended to shake cocktails (which is why it is also known as a shaker), but which began to be used to serve beer in the eighties. It is highly recommended for styles such as Amber Ale, Amber Lager, American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale or Red Ale.


His name means wheat in German. Its shape allows good carbonation and foam formation that perfectly crowns the beer. Perfect for Belgian Witbier, German Hefeweizen, German Kristallweizen and Wheat Ale beers.

You already know some of the most used glasses for drinking beer and why, in future posts we will tell you in more detail the importance of each one with its pros and cons!

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