Ale beers have a relatively short conditioning period, so they can be drunk shortly after fermentation. The ale is a very tasty and nutritious beer, in the middle ages it was a source of hydration and nutrition since in some areas of lack of water it was consumed throughout the day. There are many types of ales, but the most famous are the English and German ones.

Types of Ale Beer:

There are many styles of ales beers, since they are the easiest to make, since they can be brewed at room temperature, which is why they are the most popular style in the world, especially among craft breweries. These are the types of ales that are listed according to the ingredients used.

Top fermented yeasts:

The most important characteristic of ales beers is the use of top fermenting yeasts. They are usually made between 18 and 25º.
The yeasts rise to the surface of the must during fermentation.
fermentation which allows the creation of many esters and other
compounds that give complex fruity and malty flavors.

How to brew ale at home:

Most of the fermentable sugars come from the pale malt wort mixed with more roasted malts that give it a special character. Hops add bitterness, flavor and aroma, help preserve the beer and balance the flavor of the alcohol. Hops are used in varying amounts depending on the type of ale you want to get, with such a variety of hops and malts the possibilities for a homebrewer are almost endless.

Generally these ale-type beers are served cool but not cold to allow the flavors to fully develop. Their carbonation levels are usually low so they do not generate much foam when served.

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